NISMO announces heritage parts program for R32 GT-R

Nissan announced that it created a new segment for NISMO and revealed the motorsports division has established a heritage parts program to provide new restoration parts for the R32 GT-R.

Takao Katagiri, head of NISMO, announced that its heritage parts program will start with the R32 GT-R, and if successful, will expand to include other historically significant Nissan performance cars like the R33 and R34, plus the various generations of Fairlady Z.

The Pulsar GTi-R and Primera GT, the racing version of which was a stand-out performer for a while in the British Touring Car Championship, could also be covered eventually if the demand is there.

Katagiri says NISMO will begin manufacturing parts for the R32 in the fall and official sales are slated to begin shortly after.

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