Car to Watch: 2007 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

Many feel that Ferraris have never been quite as pure as when they have a short tail and an extremely long hood. An almost exacting description for the long line of Ferrari berlinettas; this was the platform of choice until interrupted in the mid-1970s when the Daytona was discontinued without a successor. The form was rediscovered in 1996 with the 550 Maranello, which was developed into the 575 M.

The heir to the 575 M, the 599 GTB was penned by Pininfarina and was about five-inches longer than its predecessor. Despite the marginally larger size, the 599 GTB weighs in 110-pounds less thanks to its aluminum chassis. The engine states the factory’s intentions of creating a world-class supercar by borrowing the unit that powers the legendary Enzo. With this engine installed centrally at the front, it also produces another 105 horsepower than the 575 M. Measuring 5,999 cubic centimeters; the V-12 produces an extremely impressive 620 horsepower that will push the 599 GTB to an exhilarating 205 miles per hour. The transmission of choice on this car is the six-speed semi-automatic F1 unit operated through paddle-shifters.

Performance is a foregone conclusion. Long studies in the wind tunnel ensured that this top speed along with amazing zero to 60 miles per hour times could be accomplished without a turbo or an aerofoil device to keep it there – a true testament to the artistry that surrounds this Ferrari. Its acceleration was faster than the Enzo and even faster than the McLaren F1, partly in thanks to its superb traction control, which was initially developed for the Scuderia’s Formula One cars.

Magnetic dampening control was a technical innovation that results in the magnetic field instantaneously adjusting the viscosity of the dampening fluid, yielding a response that is reported as ten times faster than a conventionally controlled suspension for even greater handling performance.

Like its cousin, the F430, the 599 was the second Ferrari to wear the now trademark ‘il manettino’ dial on the steering wheel. This dial, with its name translating to “little lever,” features five settings to adjust the traction damper settings and to monitor the throttle mapping. This gives the driver the option of having both a docile, driver-friendly car and a no-holds-barred racer.

Chassis number 152781 is beautifully presented in Nero with black interior and like all modern Ferraris, the 599 is not short on luxury. With discerning attention to detail throughout, the cabin of the 599 is both spacious and comfortable. Leather interior is accented by carbon fiber and satin aluminum-type trim elements. Along with air conditioning and power amenities, the 599 GTB is highlighted with Scuderia fender shields, optional yellow Brembo brake calipers, factory alloy wheels and Pirelli P Zero tires. Considered the “last great analog Ferrari,” the bright yellow tachometer captures your attention for precise shifts and the adjoining odometer displays only 12,000 caring miles from new.

Every Ferrari is born with the mission to reach further than its predecessor and push the limits of beauty, technology, and reason just a bit further. Mission accomplished with the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano.

Photography courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

Car: 2007 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

Estimate: $125,000 – $175,000

To be auctioned on Saturday, June 24, 2017 at RM Sotheby’s Santa Monica Sale


  • Six-speed F1 transmission
  • Just over 12,000 actual miles
  • Full complement of books, accessories, and tools
  • Optional Mannetto switch to adjust from comfort to sport
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