Road trip goals: Transfăgărășan

There is nothing I love to do more than go for a good drive. When I travel to new places I will often use Google Maps to chart my course before the journey begins. I always look for roads with elevation changes along with lots of twists and turns. The alternate routes I take usually aren’t any faster, but they do guarantee more smiles per miles.

In this video created by Lamborghini, we see several Huracans take on one of the most spectacular and demanding roads in the world, the Transfăgărășan. Needless to say the drive has been added to my bucket-list of things to do.

The road is only open from July to September and is located in the Transylvania region of Romania. It was originally built in the early 1970’s to allow Romanian troops to cross the Carpathian Mountains quickly should there be a Soviet invasion.

The Huracans depart from the city of Sibiu, and pass through the village of Cartisoara before reaching the numerous hairpin turns that cut through the Fagaras Mountains. The road took the group of Lamborghinis to the highest point at Lake Balea before it finally descended towards Vidraru dam, which of course is where we see the ruins of a castle that served as home to Vlad III of Wallachia – the inspiration for the Count Dracula character.

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