Gallery: Black Tie Revolution Rally 2017

On a stage similar to David and Goliath, automotive artist, Taylor Wrighton, created the Black Tie Revolution Rally with a simple goal: to provide an event for “younger” automotive enthusiasts to showcase their cars and passion during the famed Monterey Car Week without the high price tag that comes with a concours entrance.

“I wanted the rally to offer a certain level of exclusivity without separating or denying the true car guys, who can’t afford to drive a Ferrari but are out working on their cars and like to cruise” Wrighton said.

Held Monday, August 14, the rally took participants on a 100-mile drive from Carmel through Mount Madonna on scenic roads rarely traveled by tourists before concluding at Odonata Wines nestled among the areas rolling hills.

Checkpoints along the route provided participants with “slower” cars a competitive edge with the chance to lower their overall drive time by scavenging for classic Ferrari parts, and the volunteers at each station helped ensure all the drivers competed the course honestly.

Odonata Wines played host to the afterparty – which featured the winery’s label, local food truck Tricycle Pizza, live music, and set the stage for the awards ceremony which saw prizes go to David Matthew, behind the wheel of his 1970 BMW 2002, whom earned an overall time of one hour 38-minutes and 14-secounds after a 10 minute earned deduction for finding a small Ferrari valve at one of the checkpoints along the route.

“I really wanted to bring a lot of the local guys together, create new connections, and bring them together with visitors” Wrighton said, adding he had participants from San Jose down to San Louis Opisbo.

Other cars that took part in the rally included a  1992 Ferrari 512TR, a 2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black edition, a 2004 Ferrari 360 Spider, and a 2016 Jaguar F-Type S light weight edition.

Other highlights of the event included a raffle that was entered by identifying various Ferrari parts on mechanical service diagrams.

A door fee allowed access to the public while proceeds of the winery’s latest Zinfandel, labeled Remembrance, benefited a local charity, “Walk to end Alzheimer’s.”

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