Behind the Wheel: A love for cars

To the non-enthusiast, a love for cars can seem odd. It often prompts the question: what is it about cars that sparks so much passion? Like other enthusiasts, I view my car as a source of freedom, a source of adventure, and an escape. My car has become my happy place and driving is my therapy.

When I look at my car I see a way to see things I’d never seen before. I see a platform for which I can connect with fellow enthusiasts and build relationships. I see a form of self-expression and part of my identity.

Each modification makes the car into something I want it to be and something that is unique to me. It becomes an extension of my personality.

Driving is a source of reverie, meditation, and problem-solving. It lets me feel free and allows me to think about whatever is on my mind. It’s a moment alone where I can process life and think about it while I do something I love.

My car is also something I can look forward to, whether it be a new modification or showing it at an event.

My love for cars has helped procure some of my most cherished friendships. It’s one of the things I love most about this hobby. The connection car enthusiasts share with one another brings us all together and gives us all a common ground for which we can build lasting, meaningful, relationships with one another. It gives us a platform to share our builds, talk about our passion, and the chance to inspire more enthusiasts.

It all starts with that first car meet and that first conversation with someone passionate about their build – before you know it you know you will eat, sleep and breathe all things car related and your life will have become filled with adventures, connections, and bonds that last a lifetime.

Editorial Disclaimer: Yes, we know the car photographed does not appear to be modified or showcase the writers’ individuality. Its new and our modifications are just getting started.  

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