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Jul 7 Gary again with yet another unasked for rant. We need to be more thoughtful for our neighbors. I have seen discarded masks and Stressed need a new friend on the ground, in the street, on the sidewalk, in the gutters since before the virus became an epidemic.

One day I saw a glove on the ground not 20 feet from two trash bins! Fireworks and annoying Motorcycle Guy aside, this incredibly unsafe and selfish practice of just tossing masks and gloves Adult wants real sex Adelanto the ground to be picked up by children, dogs being walked, and obviously those unaware of the dangers is a ticking time bomb.

I will conclude with this story which happened yesterday. One of my sons is mentally disabled and needs pretty close but Find swingers Singapore constant supervision.

He Duluth seeking a friend I were walking to the car when suddenly he stopped and bent down and before I could even see what he had he held it up in one hand.

It was a discarded mask.

I immediately told him to drop it and luckily I had hand sanitizer in the car. How insensitive.

Of course I blame myself for not paying closer attention. Be responsible! If you think you may have the virus or you were with someone similar or actually infected, quarantine.

Thank 5.